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About the Authors

Drs. Jay Heizer and Barry Render have been colleagues and great friends for over four decades. In 1983, when Barry was Chairman of George Mason University’s Decision Sciences Department and Jay was a Professor at the University of Richmond, they wrote the first edition of Operations Management. Thirteen editions and 39 years later, their book is the best-selling text in its discipline. With over two million copies in print, the book is available in a US edition, a Canadian edition, a global edition, an Indian edition, and has been translated into Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Chinese, and other languages. Their texts are not only leaders in sales, but in pedagogical advances as well, with many firsts.

Starting with the 12th edition of Operations Management and 10th edition of Principles of Operations Management, Dr. Chuck Munson has joined the Heizer/Render team. Chuck is not really new to the text, as he has created the Test Bank for the book, written the Instructor’s Resource Manual, edited several chapters, and added the chapter dealing with Supply Chain Analytics. Jay and Barry are thrilled to have a scholar and teacher of his breadth of knowledge on-board.
The Heizer/Render/Munson text team is the first to create a series (of over 45) custom made video cases dealing with well-known companies. They are the first to create problem solving software (Excel OM and POM for Windows) and to provide it free to students. Their texts are the first to include transparency masters, a common feature in science texts. They also created “Virtual Office Hours”, a series of 87 short (5-20 minute) videos of the authors explaining each of the models introduced in the text. Their MyLabOperationsManagement assessment system is an all- encompassing teaching and learning tool that has dramatically improved the education of OM students.

 Barry Render


I’m now the Charles Harwood Professor of Operations Management Emeritus, at the Rollins College Graduate School of Business. I would call it “semi-retirement” from academia, given that I still spend over 20 hours a week working on our text and all that it entails! I can honestly say that I have loved every minute of my academic career, from being a doctoral student (teaching statistics and MIS at the University of Cincinnati) to my eight years at the University of New Orleans, seven at George Mason (where I held the GM Foundation Chair in Decision Sciences), two Fulbrights to Nepal, and the past 20 years at Rollins College.
Interspersed with my academic career, I also worked in the aerospace industry, for GE’s Jet Engine Division, NASA (at the DC headquarters), and Boeing. You may notice in the blog that I follow that industry with personal interest.
I have not only enjoyed writing these operations books, but have coauthored other texts at Pearson, including Quantitative Analysis for Management (now in 14th ed.), Introduction to Management Science, Managerial Decision Modeling with Spreadsheets (now in 4th edition), Service Management and Operations, and four others.
I have also kept busy serving on several Boards of Directors–from a non-profit seniors housing complex, to a startup software firm, to a publicly traded (NASDAQ) manufacturer. A few years ago I joined Financial Times Press as Consulting Editor, to help young authors on the track to publish their own books.

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Jay Heizer

November 2009 175 (2)

I am a Professor Emeritus, holding the Jesse Jones Chair of Business Administration, at Texas Lutheran University. I received two degrees from the University of North Texas and a Ph.D. in Management and Statistics from Arizona State University, and CPIM certification from APICS. Prior to my academic career, I served in the US Army, worked as a production planner at Westinghouse, and then in the Engineering Department at General Dynamics. For many years
I was also President of the consulting firm, Operations Management, Inc. Before joining Texas Lutheran, I was on the faculties of the University of Memphis, University of Oklahoma, University of Richmond, and served as Chairman of the Management Department at Virginia Commonwealth University. My teaching has taken me to assignments in Italy, Germany, and the Czech Republic. It was during one of these assignments that I met Barry, which was the precursor to a long friendship and collaboration on textbooks. I now devote most of my time to our Pearson textbooks in Operations Management.

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Chuck Munson

Chuck Munson
I am Professor of Operations Management, at the Carson College of Business, Washington State University, in Pullman, Washington. My masters and Ph.D. are in operations management, from Washington University in St. Louis. I was Associate Dean for Graduate Programs at Washington State for two years and worked for three years as a financial analyst for Contel Telephone Corporation.
I am currently a senior editor for Production and Operations Management, and serve on the editorial review board of four other journals. My 25+ articles have appeared in such journals as Production and Operations Management, IIE Transactions, Decision Sciences, Naval Research Logistics, European Journal of Operational Research, Journal of the Operational Research Society, Annals of Operations Research, and Interfaces. I am also editor of the book The Supply Chain Management Casebook, and have co-authored Quantity Discounts: An Overview and Practical Guide for Buyers and Sellers.
I teach operations OM courses at the undergraduate, MBA, and Ph.D. levels and have served as Ph.D. dissertation chair for 9 students. I have twice won each of the WSU College of Business Outstanding Teaching Award, the Service Award, the WSU MBA Professor of the Year Award, and once the Outstanding Research Award. Recently, I was granted the Sahlin Faculty Excellence Award, the highest teaching honor at WSU.
I am proud and honored to be a part of the tradition of Jay and Barry’s books!

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