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Video Tip: 45 Free Videos to Show in Class

January 3, 2019

We continue to offer adopters (and students using MyLab) our previous 41 Video Cases that cover Alaska Airlines, Orlando Magic basketball team, Frito-Lay, Darden/Red Lobster Restaurants, Hard Rock Cafe, Arnold Palmer Hospital, Wheeled Coach Ambulances, and Regal Marine. With our new edition, due out Jan. 15th, we have added five additional 6-10 minute videos featuring Celebrity Cruises. We take videos seriously and all of them are created by Jay, Chuck, and me to explicitly match text content and terminology.
Here is the complete list by Chapter (new videos in bold):

◆ Frito-Lay: Operations Management in Manufacturing (Chapter 1)
Celebrity Cruises: Operations Management at Sea (Chapter 1)
◆ Hard Rock Cafe: Operations Management in Services (Chapter 1)
◆ Strategy at Regal Marine (Chapter 2)
◆ Hard Rock Cafe’s Global Strategy (Chapter 2)
◆ Outsourcing Offshore at Darden (Chapter 2)
◆ Project Management at Arnold Palmer Hospital (Chapter 3)
◆ Managing Hard Rock’s Rockfest (Chapter 3)
◆ Forecasting Ticket Revenue for Orlando Magic Basketball Games (Chapter 4)
◆ Forecasting at Hard Rock Cafe (Chapter 4)
Celebrity Cruises Designs a New Ship (Chapter 5)
◆ Product Design at Regal Marine (Chapter 5)
◆ Building Sustainability at the Orlando Magic’s Amway Center (Supplement 5)
“Saving the Waves” at Celebrity Cruises (Supplement 5)
◆ Green Manufacturing and Sustainability at Frito-Lay (Supplement 5)
◆ Quality Counts at Alaska Airlines (Chapter 6)
◆ The Culture of Quality at Arnold Palmer Hospital (Chapter 6)
Celebrity Cruises: A Premium Experience (Chapter 6)
◆ Quality at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company (Chapter 6)
◆ Frito-Lay’s Quality-Controlled Potato Chips (Supplement 6)
◆ Farm to Fork: Quality at Darden Restaurants (Supplement 6)
◆ Alaska Airlines: 20-Minute Baggage Process—Guaranteed! (Chapter 7)
◆ Process Strategy at Wheeled Coach (Chapter 7)
◆ Process Analysis at Arnold Palmer Hospital (Chapter 7)
◆ Capacity Planning at Arnold Palmer Hospital (Supplement 7)
◆ Locating the Next Red Lobster Restaurant (Chapter 8)
◆ Where to Place the Hard Rock Cafe (Chapter 8)
◆ Facility Layout at Wheeled Coach (Chapter 9)
◆ Laying Out Arnold Palmer Hospital’s New Facility (Chapter 9)
◆ The “People” Focus: Human Resources at Alaska Airlines (Chapter 10)
◆ Hard Rock’s Human Resource Strategy (Chapter 10)
◆ Darden’s Global Supply Chains (Chapter 11)
◆ Supply Chain Management at Regal Marine (Chapter 11)
◆ Arnold Palmer Hospital’s Supply Chain (Chapter 11)
Inventory Management at Celebrity Cruises (Chapter 12)
◆ Managing Inventory at Frito-Lay (Chapter 12)
◆ Inventory Control at Wheeled Coach (Chapter 12)
◆ Using Revenue Management to Set Orlando Magic Ticket Prices (Chapter 13)
◆ When 18,500 Orlando Magic Fans Come to Dinner (Chapter 14)
◆ MRP at Wheeled Coach (Chapter 14)
◆ From the Eagles to the Magic: Converting the Amway Center (Chapter 15)
◆ Scheduling at Hard Rock Cafe (Chapter 15)
◆ Lean Operations at Alaska Airlines (Chapter 16)
◆ JIT at Arnold Palmer Hospital (Chapter 16)
◆ Maintenance Drives Profits at Frito-Lay (Chapter 17)
◆ Scheduling Challenges at Alaska Airlines (Module B)

If you choose to assign videos for students to watch on their own, there are 4 multiple choice discussion questions for each that can be assigned and graded by MyLab.

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