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MyOMLab: Improvements For Fall–Part 1

July 16, 2017

The MyOMLab Summer 2017 Release increases levels of customization and flexibility for instructors for in-progress assignments and simplifies the teaching and learning experience with ease of use updates. Here are 4 changes--click for details. More to follow over the next few days!

Improved Organization Both students and instructors can personalize how their MyOMLab courses appear on the main portal page by creating categories to group and sort courses/products. Users can create categories to group courses by semester, discipline, or any other organizing structure: (1) Users can create, remove, rename, or move, categories in the My Courses Portal; (2) Categories can be created on all page views: Active, Inactive, and Nested; and (3) After setting up categories, they will be visible with expand and collapse options.

Increased Customization of Assignments MyOMLab instructors will now have even more flexibility to edit homework assignments. Instructors are able to modify in-progress homework assignments and remove questions even after students have already completed and submitted the assignment. You simply select the “Remove Questions” option within the “Actions” drop down menu. Questions removed from an assignment will become unavailable for students to access. All students, regardless if they have submitted results or not, will automatically receive full credit on removed questions. After the question is removed, it will remain visible but appear struck-through within the assignment manager.

Late Submissions and Penalties for Quizzes and Tests Updates to assignment settings allow for instructors to have even greater control and flexibility when creating quizzes and tests. Instructors may configure quizzes and tests to allow for student submissions past the due date and set a late submission penalty. Within quiz and test settings, instructors may allow students to work and submit after the due date. Instructors have the option to deduct points from a student’s score for late submissions. If a student begins a quiz or test after the due date, the student will be notified of the penalty for the late submission prior to beginning the assignment.

Assignment Manager Updates  The Assignment Manager is now easier to navigate. The ability to filter assignments by type and “Set Prerequisites” have been nested within drop down menus, and “Individual Student Settings” has been moved to the menu bar.

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