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Teaching Tip: How Microsoft Sells Supply Chain Management and ERP

October 6, 2016

ms scm graphicHere is proof that SCM has turned into a field that every student needs to understand. The following is from Microsoft’s web site called the Dynamics of SCM, which promotes its product, called Microsoft Dynamics ERP :

Supply chain management is the oversight of the entire lifecycle of a product or service: from its infancy as a raw material or idea, to the manufacturing of the product, to its distribution, to the retailer, and then ultimately, to the consumer. Each of these stages of the product or service is a link in a chain. Each step is fastened to the next, interconnecting to facilitate the creation of a product.

Maintaining a holistic view of your supply chain activities is essential for efficiency. You need to be able to examine your business—every inch of it—in real time. To have supply chain control, you need to know what’s going on at every stage, at all times.

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution will provide you the control of your supply chain you need for more efficient people and processes, better costs, happier customers and greater profits.  This automation helps reduce redundant tasks and can increase accuracy, all the way to your customer’s receiving dock. That can eliminate bottlenecks, improve order processes, and minimize both handling time and overhead.

ERP gives you the ability to find exactly the information you’re looking for so you can make smarter decisions more quickly.

  • Simplify critical purchasing and receiving processes.
  • Know what your customers want.
  • Keep inventory lean and still address demand.
  • Tools to make smarter buying decisions and to negotiate better terms.
  • Help improve customer service and improve customer relationships.
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