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Guest Post: Another Successful Semester with MyOMLab at Temple U.

May 21, 2014


HowardWeiss2Howard Weiss is Professor of Operations Management at Temple University. He has developed both POM for Windows and Excel OM for our text

In the past, I have guest posted about my students’ appreciation of MyOMLab– and that appreciation is even greater now! At the beginning of the semester I always ask students about any experiences they have had with the MyLabs. This semester, for the first time, well more than half the class had previously used at least one of the following; MyAccountingLab, MyMarketingLab , MyMISLab or MyStatLab. These students were already familiar with the MyOMLab structure so they could use it with no explanation. Further, about 1/4 of the students were concurrently enrolled in MyFinanceLab and MyOMLab. This makes for a single sign-on to get to both courses; and the synergy among all these labs greatly improves the students’ experiences and productivity.

Past students had commented that the exams were not like the homework in that students could not redo problems on the exams while they could on the homework. Because of their observation, for each topic this semester I gave both homework and a quiz on MyOMLab. The students very much liked having the dual assignments each week.

My courses this semester were online/hybrid courses. While using MyOMLab makes homework grading easier in face-to-face classes it is even better in online sections because it enables homework submission without the students having to send me an email with attachments as they had done in past online sections.

Even though the course is online I do give my exams face-to-face. From the onset of my usage of MyOMLab the students have very much liked getting the exam results immediately after completing the exam. My better students review their exams after getting the grade and ask me questions about their mistakes. This seldom happened when I gave final exams because the students never saw their graded exams. Reviewing the exam makes for a great learning experience. After all, one of the best ways to learn is from our mistakes.


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