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Teaching Tip: Classroom Exercises for OM that Teach and Excite

May 8, 2014



Stop by to say hi to Jay at the Sunday session

Stop by to say hi to Jay at the Sunday session

If you plan on attending the annual POMS Meeting starting May 9th in Atlanta, we would like to invite you to a session Jay is chairing  on Sunday, May 11th, from 1:00-2:30pm. The program is called Classroom Exercises that Teach and Excite. It features six profs, each of whom will talk about exercises they use to spice up their OM classes. We hope you can attend. (I am sorry to miss out, but just had an emergency appendectomy and have to stay home)! Here is the program:

Prof. Howard Weiss   Survey of Excel Active Models

Prof. Ken Klassen      Project Management                                                                         

Competitive Exercise: Project Management Game Spreadsheet Oriented with Manpower for Rock’n Bands

Prof. Jay Heizer    Quality Management

Competitive Exercise: Count the Es!

Prof. Ken Klassen              Inventory: Optimum Inventory Policy                                       

Competitive Exercise: Inventory Simulation Game “He Shoots; He Scores”

Prof. Brad Meyer         Inventory:  Periodic Review System;                                   

Competitive Exercise: Students determine order interval and target inventory to minimize costs.

Prof. Chuck Munson    Process Selection and Capacity Management.                                        

Competitive Exercise: The Dice Game, from The Goal

Hope you enjoy the whole POMS Meeting!


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