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Thanking Our Pearson Publishing Team

December 31, 2013
Jay and Barry

Jay and Barry

Chuck Munson

Chuck Munson

As we close out our 30th year of authoring Operations Management texts together, Jay and I look back on 2013 and look forward to the coming year with great excitement and appreciation. We are excited to see how well the latest editions are doing and that Principles of Operations Management (9th ed.) and Operations Management (11th ed.) are the top-selling books in the discipline. A lot of work went into these texts, with new features such as the video case studies on the Orlando Magic, major teaching enhancements in MyOMLab, and chapters on Sustainability and Supply Chain Analytics. We anticipate even more advances in the coming year as we are joined by Professor Chuck Munson at Washington State University as a 3rd coauthor. Chuck has worked closely with us for almost six years now.

But it takes more than a few authors, as hard-working as they may be, to make a successful book. Our team at Pearson has been fantastic over these three decades and we are eternally grateful. Here are just a few of the people we work with on a daily and weekly basis. They make a fantastic team!

Editor-in-Chief Donna Battista

Editor-in-Chief Donna Battista

Donna Battista is our Editor-in-Chief. She works as hard as any two people we have ever met, and still finds the energy to run marathons!

Anne Fahlgren

Anne Fahlgren

Anne Fahlgren is our Marketing Manager and helps oversee the myriad of components in the learning package. She also created Jay and Barry’s OM Blog and taught us how to populate it with interesting and useful content.

Courtney Kamauf works almost daily with us to keep MyOMLab current and error-free. She advises us about new features and is so dedicated to its accuracy and efficiency that she is irreplaceable.

Howard Weiss

Howard Weiss

Howard Weiss, at Temple University, works with us weekly to make sure the POM for Windows and Excel OM software he created for

Courtney Kamauf

Courtney Kamauf

our books is 100% reliable and can work perfectly with all our homework problems–a never ending job that he has done miraculously for 25 years.

We thank all of these wonderful folks and the many more people behind the scenes in production. Happy New Year!

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