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Guest Post: Using MyOMLab for Online Teaching

June 1, 2012

Our Guest Post today comes from Dr. Chuck Munson, who is Associate Professor of Operations Management at Washington State University. His earlier blog for us was called “Spicing Up the Assignment Problem”.

I used to shy away from overload teaching opportunities for online courses because I initially hated the whole online teaching experience and was almost embarrassed to call it “teaching.” The availability of MyOMLab (with a little help from the bad economy) has changed my views.

While I believe that there’s still no substitute for the face-to-face learning experience, online education does help serve a niche of place-bound students. And for my operations management course, MyOMLab removes a lot of time and strain. The time that I used to spend grading can now be spent on responding to questions and providing information to students. For many of the problems, the built-in learning aids can answer a lot of the students’ questions. Also, the students really like the extra chances that they get to solve questions correctly. And I’ve  found the test bank questions to work well—it’s very easy to select questions, and the multiple-choice tests that I’ve given (open-book and 2.5 hours to solve 25 questions) usually provide a good grade distribution. The excellent company videos seem particularly useful in online environments.

Here are some unsolicited student comments regarding MyOMLab from my spring, 2012 online course:

 “Great information and I liked the OM lab.”

“I almost feel that I got more interaction in this online course than if I were in person in a large lecture hall. MyLab was also a great experience—much better than many sites I have used during my WSU Online time.”

“The MyOMLab was crucial for success in learning the formulas for calculations.”

“Excellent—couldn’t have been better.”

“In the case of this class, the online environment works very well. The assignments and MyLab learning were both great, and I learned a lot.”

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