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OM Syllabus: University of Central Florida, MAR 3203, Dr. Steve Leon

January 2, 2011


MAR 3203 – Supply Chain and Operations Management

Summer 2013

Instructor: Dr. Steve Leon
Web Conferencing will be available for Regional   Campus Students-Contact the GTAs for instructions

 COURSE DESCRIPTION: Planning and management of all activities involved in designing and managing the processes, assets, and flows of materials, money and information required to meet customers’ demands.


  1. Become knowledgeable and to understand the general concepts of supply chain and operations management.
  2. Learn about typical planning and decision making situations faced by supply chain and operations managers and how these decisions are related to other business functions and activities.
  3. Gain an appreciation for some of the basic conceptual and mathematical tools and techniques that can be applied in planning and controlling supply chain and operations activities.
  4. Understand how to develop and manage efficient and effective global supply chains.

MODE OF INSTRUCTION: Video Streaming/Reduced Seat Time (RV) —Face-to-face instruction/lecture is held each Monday and Wednesday from 6:00PM – 9:50PM.  Classroom-based content is available over the Web via streaming video.  Don’t be under the impression that this is an online class and that everything you need will be posted online via Webcourses.  You will still need to view the lectures to gain all relevant course information and class announcements.  Other required activities that substitute for video instruction during the fourth hour may include any of the following elements: web activity, homework or quizzes.


Operations Management; Sustainability and Supply Chain Management with MyOMLab, 11/e, 2014, by Jay Heizer and Barry Render, Pearson: ISBN: 978-0-13-313076-8 or 978-0-13-3408027 w/CD.

Discussion Boards: I would encourage you to use the discussion board on Webcourses to ask your fellow classmates questions.  Discussion boards will be included in each module on the modules page.  Many times your classmates will have the answers to your questions.  They are a great resource.    This is a great way to communicate with each other to ask for help, study together, or whatever else is relevant to class.  You may find that you will find answers to your questions already posted on the discussion board, plus your question will help others who have the same question.


1. Tests

Test   Number

Start   Date and Time

End   Date and Time (Must be Finished by This Time)

Exam 1

5/30/13 7:00 AM

6/03/13 11:59 PM

Exam 2

6/18 /13 7:00 AM

6/21/13 9:30 PM

Make Up Exam

N/A-None will be given

N/A-None will be given


 2. Homework assignments: All assignments are completed through MyOMLab.  See the full login directions from the Modules Page in Webcourses.  You can login at  The due dates for the assignments can be found in the course schedule below and in Webcourses and in MyOMLab.  There is no time limit to complete the assignment once you start, they just have to be submitted by the due date and time.  You’ll have two chances to complete each assignment.  Each homework assignment is worth 80 points.  Most assignment questions are quantitative with some qualitative questions coming from videos and articles.  The videos and articles are found in MyOMLab.  As you start to complete the assignment questions, click on the link to start the video or display the article.


3. Routinely Check Webcourses:  Often I will submit additional or supporting information on Webcourses either before or after a class in an attempt to clarify or further apply what we’re talking about in class or in response to questions from students.





Items Due

May 13 IntroductionCh 1 Operations and   ProductivityCh 2 Operations StrategyCh 11 Supply Chain Management (Pages   430-437, 442-444, 449-452)
May 15 Ch 3 Project Management  
May 20 Ch 4 Demand Forecasting Assignment   1 Due at 5:00pm in MyOMLab
May 22 Ch 12 Inventory Management
May 27 No Class-Memorial Day Assignment   2 Due at 5:00pm in MyOMLab
May 29 Ch 6 Managing QualitySupplement 6 Statistical   Process ControlCh 16 JIT, TPS, and Lean   Operations  
May 30-June 3 Exam   1 to taken in your respective Testing Center
June  3 Module A: Decision Making ToolsCh 10 HR, Job Design and Work   Measurement Assignment   3 Due at 5:00pm in MyOMLab
Jun 5 Ch 7 Process StrategySupplement 7 Capacity and   Constraint ManagementModule   D Waiting Line Models
Jun 10 Supplement 11 Supply Chain   AnalyticsCh 8 Locations StrategiesModule   B Linear Programming Assignment   4 Due at 5:00pm in MyOMLab
Jun 12 Module   B Linear ProgrammingStrategies   and Design of Supply Chains (I’ll provide material)Module   C Transportation Models
June 17 Supplement 5 Sustainability in   the Supply Chain Assignment   5 Due at 5:00pm in MyOMLab
Jun 18-21 No   Class on June 19th.Non-Comprehensive   Final Exam to taken in your respective Testing Center

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