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OM Syllabus: Emory University, Business 351, Dr. Nikolay Osadchiy

January 2, 2011

syllabusCOURSE SYLLABUS: BUSINESS 351   Process and Systems Management

MEETINGS:  Mondays and Wednesdays

INSTRUCTOR: Nikolay Osadchiy, Ph.D. (pronounced [o-‘sut-chee] )


1. TEXTBOOK and CASES: Heizer and Render, Operations Management, 10th US edition (ISBN 0-13-611941-7).  Please do not buy international, flexible, low cost editions, because they have abridged content and different problem sets.

HBS Cases available at

Benihana of Tokyo

Kristen’s Cookie Co.



Hamptonshire Express

2. THE GOAL, 3rd revised edition, Eliyahu Goldratt, North River Press, Inc. 2004, ISBN 0-88427-178-1 Handouts and other materials will be posted on FirstClass.


Whether you are an accountant, an entrepreneur, an analyst on Wall Street, a lawyer, a partner at

McKinsey, or a manager at IBM, how you do your work is an important issue. With that in mind, this

class examines the issues of managing operations as a whole, both in services and manufacturing, with a

specific focus on understanding, improving and, ultimately, innovating operational business models.

Topics studied will range from customer value creation to capital and informational resource

management, all of which provide critical support to an organization’s corporate strategy. The course

will also introduce a set of general-purpose analytical tools that can be used in many functional areas

spanning a range of industries including manufacturing, retail trade and services, finance, healthcare,

and entertainment.


This course has several objectives:

1. To help the student explore the application of process and systems management frameworks,

models and decision analysis techniques over a wide range of business environments.

2. To provide the student with a working knowledge of the operations function.

3. To allow the student to examine and explore the relationship between operations management

issues and the other functional areas of the firm.

4. To give the student a working knowledge of the tools and techniques used by operations

professionals in managing systems and processes, and in setting operations policy.

5. To allow the student to explore the strategic role of operations.

6. To provide a basic set of information for the student interested in a career in operations as a

foundation for future coursework.


Everyone in the class should have completed the pre-requisites of the degree program. College-level

calculus, statistics, and BUS 350 usually prove to be very helpful in the course.


The procedures followed in this class will be similar to those followed in other business courses. The

primary method of instruction is lecture with student participation, including in-class group work. We

will use class time to further develop the material from the chapters rather than just review it. Hence, it

is to your advantage to read the assigned text before class. If the assigned text is a case, please be sure to

read it carefully and be prepared to be called upon to present the facts of the case.


Class Participation 10%

Homework 20%

Group project 20%

Mid-Term Examination (open book) 25%

Final Examination (open book) 25%


Class participation constitutes 10% of your final course grade and will be based on: 1) attendance, 2)

contributions to in-class discussions, 3) online contributions, such as discussions on First Class and 351

Club. Missing five or more classes is considered excessive, and will negatively impact your grade. If you

miss a class, I expect you to get the notes and be familiar with the material by the next class. You are

responsible for all material covered in class during your absence, including new assignments.

Additionally, material not in the text will be presented in class. This material will be included in the



There are six homework assignments. The homeworks are to be handed-in as a HARD COPY at the

beginning of class. Late work will be penalized by 1/10 of the homework value if it is submitted the

same day it is due. Assignments will not be accepted after the day they are due. You may want to keep a

copy of all homework submitted for your reference. When discussion questions are involved, please

answer briefly (two or three sentences). Homework must be prepared individually in order to receive

credit. Identical copies will not receive credit and will be considered Honor code violations. One make

up homework will be distributed before the final review. You can use it to make up for one missed

homework or to improve any homework grade you received in the class.


Groups consisting of 5-6 students will be required to select a firm in the Atlanta area and analyze the

effectiveness of its operating model in supporting its strategic goals. Groups, in consultation with me, are

responsible for securing the participation of the company. Additional comments about the projects are

provided at the end of the syllabus. Please start working on the project early, as it is an important

component of your class grade.


There will be a midterm and a final exam. The exams are not cumulative. Books and notes are permitted,

although no laptops and smartphones will be allowed. ‘Cheat-sheets’ with formulae are allowed and

usually prove to be very helpful. Please bring regular calculators. The duration for the midterm is 75

minutes and for the final is 90 minutes. The midterm be held without exception in your own class section

on the date specified in the course schedule. The final will be given at the time set by the Registrar’s office.


Date # Topic Readings Important Events

01/18 Wed 0 Managing operations and innovating business models HR, Ch.1

01/23 Mon 1 Benihana of Tokyo Benihana of Tokyo case

01/25 Wed 1 Operations strategy HR Ch.2

01/30 Mon 1 Operations strategy HR Ch.4 Project groups due

02/01 Wed 1 Operations strategy HR Ch.4

02/06 Mon 2 Process Analysis HR, Ch.7 + Supplement Homework 1 due

02/08 Wed 2 Kristen’s Cookies Company Kristen’s Cookie case Finish reading

“The Goal”

02/13 Mon 2 Process Analysis HR, Ch.7 Supplement

02/15 Wed 3 Waiting line models HR, Quant Module D Homework 2 due

02/20 Mon 3 Multi server queues FCNB Case

02/22 Wed 3 Simulation of queues HR , Quant Module F

02/27 Mon – Review session Homework 3 due

02/29 Wed – Midterm Exam

03/05 Mon – No class: use this time to prepare

the project plans

03/07 Wed 4 Competing on quality Ford-Firestone case Project plans due

03/19 Mon 4 Total Quality Management HR Ch.6

03/21 Wed 4 Statistical quality control HR Ch.6 Supplement

03/26 Mon 5 Inventory management HR Ch.11 Homework 4 due

03/28 Wed 5 Inventory management HR Ch.12

04/02 Mon 5 Inventory management

04/04 Wed 6 Playing the Beer Game Homework 5 due

04/09 Mon 6 Beer Game discussion & Just-intime

HR Ch.16

04/11 Wed 6 Supply chain management Hamptonshire Express


04/16 Mon 6 Supply chain management Zara case

04/18 Wed – Presentations Exec summaries,

project reports due

04/23 Mon – Presentations

04/25 Wed – Presentations Homework 6 due

04/30 Mon – Review session

TBD – Final Exam


1. Overall Assignment: Select a company with operations in the Atlanta area. Meet with managers at the

company to determine what “opportunities for operations improvement” exist. Use at least three

analytic tools from this class to study the problem and make recommendations for improvement.

2. Deliverables: An Executive Summary of the project (no more than 2 pages), a Research Report (no

more than 10 pages) and a presentation (approximately 15 minutes). The Executive Summary should

clearly tell the manager at the company what you studied and what your recommendations are (20% of

total project grade). The Research Report should give more detail about how you analyzed the problem

(50% of total project grade). The presentation should be done like a pitch to a management team (30%

of total project grade). In other words, assume general knowledge.

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