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OM Syllabus: Austin Peay State University–PTMA 4500

January 2, 2011

syllabusPTMA 4500 W1 Operations Management

Fall II 2011 Online

Instructor: Dr. Vikkie McCarthy

Office Hours: M-Th 9:00 am till 11:00 am and by appointment

Bldg. 203, APSU@FC

Course Description

This course consists of a managerial overview and analysis of business concepts and strategies.

Emphasis is on the study of incorporating major functions of business, enabling organizations to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the highly competitive global and local markets. Specific topics to be covered include planning, communication, material management, safety, marketing, finance, government, and society.

Learning Objectives

The student will be able to define and analyze a business “process”.

The student will demonstrate an understanding of operations management quantitative methods and qualitative strategies.

The student will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the consequences of variability on the business process.

General Education Goals:

In addition to the above objectives, the more general goals of this course are to provide the student with the following tools to help develop his or her potential:

1. Development of the student’s analytical thinking capabilities through comparison and contrast in the application of theories and concepts to social problems.

2. Enhancement of the student’s literacy skills through assigned readings, discussions, examinations, and other requirements.

3. Utilization of the historical perspective which helps with student understanding of evolutionary developments over time.

4. Understanding of the scientific method through research requirements and in-depth case studies.

5. Improvement in social interaction skills and understanding human behavior through consideration of the impact legal and social systems have on individuals.

Topics Covered

The Process View of Organizations

The Impact of Variance on Operations

Matching Supply with Demand

Total Quality Management

Six Sigma

Financial Objectives in Operations Management

Required Textbook

Principles of Operations Management by Jay Heizer and Barry Render students must purchase student access pack with book and register with MyOMLab at

You can order the ebook and access code directly from the publisher.

1. Go to

2. Click Register, Student.

3. Enter your professors Course ID

4. Click Buy Now

5. Choose a login and password (If you have used another MyLab in the past, you can use that same login and password when you buy this one as well)

Additional Recommended Reading

Focused Operations Management (2008) Ronen & Pass.

Understanding Variance: Managing Chaos. (2009) Wheeler


Homework Problems 100 pts (4 Module Assignments @ 25 pts each)

Quizzes 100 pts (4 Module Quizzes @ 25 pts each)

Discussions/Participation 80 pts (8 Discussion Boards @ 10 pts each)

Mid-Term 200 pts

Final 300 pts

Total Possible Points: 780 pts

Homework Problems:

Each chapter will include assigned homework problems from the text. All homework must be completed in the MyOMLab. Instructions for registering for the MyOMLab can be found on the Course Home page and under the Course Content link Getting Started.


Ten points can be earned each week for posting to the discussion boards. To earn full points, a student must compose one original post addressing the discussion topic, read all student postings, and comment on at least two other student postings. “I agree,” and “good post,” do not constitute a posting and will earn “0” pts.

Midterm and Final Exams:

The exams will be comprehensive and include questions taken from homework problems as well as from the readings.


A = 90 – 100 %

B = 80 – 89%

C = 70 – 79%

D= 60 – 69%

F= 59% and below

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