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OM Syllabus: Southern New Hampshire University, QSO 300, Dr. Tej Dhakar

January 1, 2011

syllabusQSO 300: Introduction to Operations Management



Instructor Dr. Tej S. Dhakar
Mailing Address School of BusinessSouthern New Hampshire University2500 North River RoadManchester,   NH 03106-1045
Pre-requisite MAT 240
Textbook Title: Principles of Operations ManagementAuthors: Jay Heizer and Barry RenderPublisher: Prentice HallEdition: 9thYear: 2014ISBN-13: 978-0-13-340794-5
Course Website

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the operations function, which is responsible for the creation of goods and services of the organization. Students will learn the concepts and techniques used in managing operations in manufacturing and service organizations.


Learning Outcomes

  • Students will learn about major areas of operations management and related quantitative techniques.
  • Students will be able to prepare a written plan for production of goods and services, with the following elements included in the plan: aggregate plan, capacity information, process layout design, master production schedule, materials requirement plan, and operations schedule.
  • Teams of 2 – 3 students in each will be able to brainstorm and identify 8 forms of process waste in real-world processes and suggest recommendations to minimize or eliminate the process waste.
  • Students will be able to select facility locations across the world for purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, and sales, in a global supply chain.
  • Students will be able to schedule a project, and report to internal and external clients, the probability of completing the project on time amidst uncertain duration estimates.
  • Students will be able to propose ideas for environmental conscious production and green supply chains.
  • Students will be able to efficiently manage inventory in a firm.
  • Students will be able to make operations’ decisions based on application of quantitative tools and techniques.
  • Students will be able to analyze processes using Minitab®, schedule projects using MS Project®, perform operations simulation using Oracle Crystal Ball®, and optimize allocation of resources using MS Excel Solver®.


Assignments      25%

First Exam          25%

Second Exam     25%

Third Exam         25%




Course Schedule (tentative)



Week 1

IntroductionOperations   Strategy in a Global EnvironmentTextbook   References: Chapters 1 and 2

Week 2

Demand ForecastingDecision AnalysisTextbook References: Chapter 4 and Quantitative   Module A

Week 3

Project SchedulingFamiliarity with MS Project®Textbook Reference: Chapter 3

Week 4

Six Sigma Quality Management &   Lean OperationsFamiliarity   with Minitab®Textbook References: Chapter 6,   Supplement 6, Chapter 16

Week 5

First Exam (open-book and open-notes)

Week 6

Process CapacityLayout SelectionTextbook References: Chapter 7,   Supplement 7, Chapter 9

Week 7

Location SelectionInventory ManagementTextbook References: Chapters 8 and 12

Week 8

Aggregate PlanningTextbook Reference: Chapter 13

Week 9

Linear Programming in Operations   PlanningTextbook Reference: Quantitative Module   B

Week 10

Operations SimulationFamiliarity with Oracle Crystal BallTextbook References: Quantitative Module   F

Week 11

Second Exam (open-book and open-notes)

Week 12

Distribution Requirement PlanningMaster Production SchedulingMaterials Requirement PlanningTextbook Reference: Chapter 14

Week 13

Operations SchedulingTextbook Reference: Chapter 15

Week 14

Supply Chain ManagementOperations and the EnvironmentTextbook References: Chapters 5 and 11

Week 15

Third Exam (open-book and open-notes)

The use of BlackboardTM is required in this course.

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