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OM Syllabus: Loyola University-Chicago, ISOM 332, Dr. Rafay Ishfaq

September 18, 2010

ISOM 332: Operations Management

Fall 2011 Section 204 (Online)

Loyola University Chicago

Professor: Dr. Rafay Ishfaq

On-line Office Hours Wednesdays @ 5 pm


Description: This course is an introduction to the field of Operations Management (OM), which

addresses the design, operation, and continuous improvement of the business operations that

produce and deliver products and services. The course will cover fundamentalOMtools and

principles such as, product and process design, forecasting, inventory management, total quality

management, quality control, project management and supply chain management.

Objectives: Students will understand the basic issues and role of operations management in

organizations and learn tools for problem-solving in operations management.

Course Materials:

This class uses the following textbook and the online access to a web portal associated with the

textbook. Information about the course materials and purchase options is available on the

Blackboard course site for this class (see under “Course Information” link).

-Heizer & Render, Operations Management, 10th ed., Pearson Publishing, (2011), ISBN-

9780132179201 or ISBN-9780132468008 (Required)

-Access code for OM-Lab portal, available with the textbook (Required)

Course Method:

This class is based on modules which are organized around different set of topics. The class

materials in each module consist of recorded video lectures, readings and homework

assignments. You are expected to review these materials in the sequence presented and according

to the schedule posted on the blackboard course site.


The “Course Modules” area has been structured to reflect the logical flow of the course. Content

has been grouped into modules which contain the following:

Online Lectures


Lecture Handouts


Online Lectures: The class lectures are in the form of lecture videos which can be viewed in

blackboard. You can print lecture slides and take notes while viewing the recorded lectures. You

can also note down any questions that you may have about the material presented in the lectures.

You can ask your instructor these questions either through e-mail or in one of the live Q&A

sessions. The details about the live Q&A sessions are given later in this document.

Required Readings: A list of readings will be posted on the Blackboard which will identify

specific topics from the textbook related to a lecture. You may also be asked to read and respond

to business articles identified in the reading list.

Lecture Handouts: For each video lecture, a handout of the presentation slides will be available

for download. Students can use these handout to follow the lecture and take notes.

Homework: In addition to class lectures and readings, workout problems and exercises from

the textbook will be assigned. You will work on these assignments individually. The homework

assignments will be posted in OM-Lab, which is an online assessment portal, a part of the

textbook used for this class. The instructions to register in OM-Lab are posted on Blackboard

course site (see under “Course Information” link). You are to solve the problems in OM-Lab and

receive feedback and grading. You will do much better in this class if you complete the

homework problems!

Exams: There will be three exams during the semester. The exam will be available in OM-Lab

for specified time only, within which each student will complete the exam. All students will

access and submit their exams within the allotted time.

Each exam consists of two sections. The first section is composed of multiple choice questions.

The second section contains workout problems. The students will be asked to type their responses

for each workout problem and show their work in sufficient detail to demonstrate their

understanding of the class materials. Responses which do not show work or do not describe the

steps and arguments used to find the solution will be marked as incomplete.


Live Q&A Sessions: Online live sessions will be hosted every Wednesday (at 5 pm) during the

semester to provide opportunity for students to directly communicate with the instructor, in real

time. You will need a microphone and headphones for the live sessions. These sessions will be

used to clarify materials covered in the online class lectures and answer questions about the

homeworks. The online sessions will be hosted using Adobe Connect:

To test your hardware and access to Adobe Connect, read the document on Blackboard course

site (see under “Course Information” link). The attendance for live sessions is NOT required.

For participation in these live sessions, it is expected that you have viewed the lectures in their

entirety. The interaction in the live sessions will be focused on specific questions and

clarifications about the topics covered in the class lectures and assigned homeworks.



Homework Assignments

Exam 1

Exam 2

Exam 3





Course Schedule:

See Blackboard for details.


Course Coverage:

Modules and Units Topics Covered

Orientation Session

Module 1 – Unit 1 Operations & Productivity

Module 1 – Unit 2 Operations Strategy

Module 1 – Unit 3 Project Management

Module 1 – Unit 4 Forecasting Methods

Exam 1

Module 2 – Unit 1 Quality Management

Module 2 – Unit 2 Process Strategy

Module 2 – Unit 3 Decision Making

Module 2 – Unit 4 Capacity Management

Module 2 – Unit 5 Waiting Lines

Exam 2

Module 3 – Unit 1 Location Strategies

Module 3 – Unit 2 Supply Chain Management

Module 3 – Unit 3 Inventory Management

Module 3 – Unit 4 Transportation Models

Module 3 – Unit 5 Aggregate Planning

Exam 3

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